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Another Reason Why Lou Piniella Should Not Be Named Cubs Manager

Piniella, as Mariners manager in 2002 - copyright Cincinnati Enquirer

Piniella, batting for the Yankees in the 1978 World Series - copyright

See that uniform number? That's Piniella's favorite, and, um, it's not available for a Cub. Oh, sure, he could dress like this:

Piniella as Reds manager in 1990, copyright Cincinnati Enquirer

But then, I don't want the base-throwing, either. Fun, but ultimately meaningless.

This is, of course, tongue-in-cheek. Piniella could wear any uniform number he wanted to. Let's just hope it's another team's uniform. Or a jacket & tie, working for Fox in 2007. (Man, is he awful on the air!) Just keep him out of a Cubs uniform. Wrong choice. Wrong choice. Wrong choice.