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Open Thread: 2006 NLCS Game 2, 2006 ALCS Game 3

I'm tired of the constant managerial soap-opera talk; at this point, it's going to happen when it's going to happen. There's nothing much new today, anyway.

So, I'm opening today's playoff game thread early; talk about whatever you'd like. The Tigers-A's game has been moved from a night start to a late-afternoon start due to an atrociously bad weather forecast for the Detroit area, although I can't see how starting a game at 4:35 local time rather than 8:20 local time will make that much difference if it's puking snow.

And yes, the time listed below is correct; they'll be on the air at 3 pm CT even though the first pitch won't be until more than 30 minutes later. So if you don't want to hear Jeannie Zelasko and Co. blather for half an hour, turn your TV on at 3:30 CT.

Athletics at Tigers, 3 pm CT. (Tigers lead series 2-0) TV: Fox

Cardinals at Mets, 7 pm CT. (Mets lead series 1-0) TV: Fox

Discuss amongst yourselves.