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The Smoking Gun -- Caught!

Many of you are likely familiar with The Smoking Gun, a website devoted to showing, in their own words:

exclusive documents--cool, confidential, quirky--that can't be found elsewhere on the Web. Using material obtained from government and law enforcement sources, via Freedom of Information requests, and from court files nationwide, we guarantee everything here is 100% authentic.

What does this have to do with baseball or the Cubs? Oh, just you wait.

A couple of weeks ago, they posted what they called "A Salute To Our National Pastime", which purported to show

mug shots of inmates and parolees who share names with the superstars of our national pastime.

Some of them are pretty frightening-looking, especially this scary-looking fellow who shares a name with former Giants (and seven other teams) star Bobby Bonds.

OK, still. I happen to like TSG; they always have current, interesting and true stuff, like their current featured document about Wesley Snipes' attempt to evade taxes. Why would I say they've been "caught"?

Look at the "namesake" of Darryl Strawberry they include on this "all-star team".

That's no namesake. That IS the former Mets and Dodgers star, when he was arrested for cocaine possession and parole violation.

I've already emailed the editor. Will let you all know if I hear back.