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Open Thread: 2006 World Series, Game 1

It has been twenty-two years and one week since the last World Series game was played in Detroit.

One of the players who played in that game is now sixty-two years old; another is dead.

Check out this article about Comerica Park, which also includes a video feature on what they are (finally!) going to do with Tiger Stadium.

Weather permitting, they'll play the 102nd World Series (yes, 102nd, don't try to convince me that the pre-1903 postseason games were "World Series") starting tonight in Detroit.

Gameday: Cardinals at Tigers, 7 pm CT. TV: Fox

Quick prediction, without any analysis or anything other than a gut feeling: Tigers in six, which would at least mean the most competitive WS since 2003, the last two having been sweeps, although last year's, at least, had some exciting and close games in the sweep.

Discuss amongst yourselves.