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Open Thread: 2006 World Series, Game 2

While the Tigers looked pretty bad in losing game one of the World Series last night, one only has to go back 18 days, to game one of their division series with the Yankees, to see evidence that they can put this sort of thing behind them quickly, as they lost that game badly, before winning the next three.

Jeff Weaver threw well in winning game 5 of the NLCS, but he'll be facing a particularly hostile crowd that will be remembering some of his tough times with the Tigers. Kenny Rogers, meanwhile, would probably like to forget his only previous World Series start, one day short of ten years ago in Atlanta.

Gameday: Cardinals at Tigers, 7 pm CT. (Cardinals lead series 1-0) TV: Fox

Worth reading: Melissa Isaacson's long article in today's Tribune about Lou Piniella's roots in Tampa and what made him who he is today.

Discuss amongst yourselves.