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Open Thread: 2006 World Series, Game 5

Many seem convinced that the Cardinals are about to be crowned World Champions.

Just a hunch on my part, nothing more: the series is going back to Detroit tomorrow.

Before we discuss tonight's game, I found some interesting Larry Rothschild remarks about Mark Prior in this article:

"Some of what we're finding out now is the combination of him having the laxity and that collision [in 2003 with Marcus Giles] internally did some things that weren't great, but weren't going to show up," Rothschild said. "He'd done all the exercises and everything he could to prevent it. They showed up with more innings, which is not unusual."

So the collision with Giles DID cause future problems? Maybe there are some effects from the line drive off the elbow, too, that they haven't talked about before.

Gameday: Tigers at Cardinals, 7 pm CT. (Cardinals lead series 3-1) TV: Fox

It appears the weather may clear by game time, though it'll still be nasty conditions for baseball.

Discuss amongst yourselves.