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SB Nation 2006 Awards To Be Announced This Week

Like the BBWAA, the 30 blogs that make up the baseball contingent of the SB Nation have conducted our own votes for Rookie of the Year, Manager of the Year, MVP and Cy Young Awards, for both leagues.

To get a jump on the official MLB awards (here are MLB's announcement dates), we are revealing ours beginning on Wednesday, with the following schedule:

Wed 11/1: Rookies of the Year (both leagues)
Thu 11/2: Managers of the Year (both leagues)
Fri 11/3: Cy Young Award winners (both leagues)
Mon 11/6: AL MVP
Tue 11/7: NL MVP

As of now the "official" announcement time is 11 am CST; that's a time when I am usually tied up with work, so it may be a bit later than that here. I'll let you all know if this "officially" changes.

I don't know any of the winners yet, so don't ask! When I post the results I'll let you know who I voted for.