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2007 Cubs Spring Training Schedule

As announced today on the Cubs website:

Thu 3/1 vs Giants at Mesa
Fri 3/2 vs Angels at Mesa
Sat 3/3 vs Athletics at Phoenix
Sun 3/4 vs White Sox at Mesa
Mon 3/5 vs Mariners at Peoria
Tue 3/6 vs Brewers at Mesa
Wed 3/7 vs Athletics at Mesa
Thu 3/8 vs Padres at Peoria 
Fri 3/9 vs Padres at Mesa (ss)
        vs Rangers at Surprise (ss)
Sat 3/10 vs Royals at Surprise
Sun 3/11 vs Brewers at Mesa
Mon 3/12 vs Giants at Scottsdale
Tue 3/13 vs Diamondbacks at Tucson
Wed 3/14 off day
Thu 3/15 vs Mariners at Mesa
Fri 3/16 vs White Sox at Tucson
Sat 3/17 vs Padres at Mesa
Sun 3/18 vs Angels at Tempe
Mon 3/19 vs Mariners at Mesa (ss)
         vs Brewers at Maryvale (ss)
Tue 3/20 vs Rockies at Tucson
Wed 3/21 vs Rangers at Mesa
Thu 3/22 vs Padres at Peoria
Fri 3/23 vs Giants at Mesa 
Sat 3/24 vs Giants at Scottsdale
Sun 3/25 vs Angels at Mesa
Mon 3/26 vs Angels at Tempe
Tue 3/27 vs Royals at Mesa
Wed 3/28 vs Rockies at Mesa
Thu 3/29 vs Diamondbacks at Mesa
Fri 3/30 vs Mariners at Las Vegas, 9:15 CDT
Sat 3/31 vs Mariners at Las Vegas, 3:05 CDT
The game times, usually so easy to figure out, will be a little different in 2007 because of the new federal law changing Daylight Saving Time to begin on March 11, 2007. Arizona does not observe Daylight Saving Time.

Thus, all games above from March 1 to March 10 will start at 2:05 CST. From March 11 through March 28, they will be at 3:05 CDT. The March 29 game begins at noon MST, thus 2:05 CDT. The Las Vegas games are as noted. (ss) indicates a split-squad game.

No games are listed as night games as of yet, but that could change. I'll post updates as I get them, and this link will also be on the left sidebar.

UPDATE [2006-10-31 18:22:46 by Al]: Here is the calendar schedule. No Arizona night games are listed -- this would be the first time in several years the Cubs will play no night games till they leave the Valley of the Sun.

UPDATE [2006-11-4 4:17:49 by Al]: The entire Cactus League schedule was released on Friday 11/3 -- it shows one night game, Thursday 3/8 vs. the Padres at Peoria.

UPDATE [2006-11-30 21:33:37 by Al]: The December Vine Line indicates that the March 8 game (which had been listed as a night game) will be a day game -- and that the March 23 game at Mesa will be a night game. The Cubs website still shows the 3/23 game at 1:05, though.

UPDATE [2007-1-11 11:58:36 by Al]: The 3/23 game is officially a day game.