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2006 BCB Free Agent Frenzy Contest

Once again, this year is sponsoring its "Free Agent Frenzy" contest, where 15 free agents are listed and you, as the contestant, have to pick where you think they'll sign, and also assign a ranking, from 15 to 1, a "confidence" value -- i.e. the one you're MOST certain of would get 15 points, the one you're least certain of would get 1.

The contestant with the most points wins.

Last year, we had a BCB contest based on this game. So -- let's do it again. The winner will get a prize from Al's Big Collection Of Baseball Stuff. If I win, the 2nd-place finisher gets the prize.

The 15 free agents for the contest (and this year ought to be interesting, because of several names on the list connected with the Cubs in some way) are:

Juan Pierre
Jason Schmidt
Greg Maddux
Ray Durham
Frank Thomas
Daisuke Matsuzaka
Carlos Lee
Nomar Garciaparra
Gary Matthews Jr.
Julio Lugo
Barry Zito
Ted Lilly
Andy Pettitte
Alfonso Soriano
Barry Bonds

The winner of our contest will be named after the last of the 15 free agents signs. Last year that took until February.

You can leave your picks in the comments to this thread. I'll probably post some updates on this from time to time.

I'll also need a volunteer to add up everyone's points at the end of the contest.

Have fun!

UPDATE [2006-10-31 9:38:12 by Al]: Forgot one thing. This contest should have an entry deadline, so let's have it match MLB's deadline -- 10:59 pm CT on November 14.