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Open Thread: 2006 Division Series, Day 3

We are in a holding pattern for any Cubs news; Joe Girardi is spending some time with his family, and can you blame him after the season he's been through? Bruce Miles says Girardi will likely meet with Jim Hendry sometime next week. This doesn't mean the Cubs will lose out on Girardi; I imagine he won't interview with anyone before next week.

In the meantime, the playoff doubleheader scheduled for today became a tripleheader after last night's Yankees/Tigers game was rained out -- and even the rainout caused a bit of controversy:

Detroit players said the first indication they got of a postponement was when a member of the grounds crew went over to pitching coach Chuck Hernandez.

Having checked out of the Grand Hyatt on Manhattan's East Side, the Tigers had to change hotels and wound up at the New York Hilton and Towers on the West Side.

When it appeared that the game would start, [Mike] Mussina said the Yankees objected.

"Quite a few of us said, 'This is crazy. You're going to mess up the whole series,' " he said. "We'd play a couple innings and then get rained out, then we've got to go play again tomorrow and it's just better this way. Even if it stopped raining 10 minutes from now it's better this way."

Tigers at Yankees, noon CT. (Yankees lead series 1-0) TV: ESPN

Cardinals at Padres, 3 pm CT. (Cardinals lead series 1-0) TV: ESPN

Dodgers at Mets, 7 pm CT. (Mets lead series 1-0) TV: Fox

Discuss amongst yourselves.