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Open Thread: 2006 Division Series, Day 4

In this dreadful season, the Cubs had some very, very odd splits in some of their won-lost records. Yes, this is partly tongue-in-cheek. Consider:

Games televised on WGN: 23-47
Games televised on ALL other channels: 43-49

This makes absolutely no sense, because the Cubs, obviously, aren't looking up at the press box to see whose logo is up there each day. At one point the Cubs lost eighteen straight games televised on WGN. Freaky.

Cubs vs. NL Central: 42-42
Cubs vs. all other NL: 20-43
Cubs vs. AL: 4-11

This wasn't that odd, actually -- NO NL team did very well vs. the AL this year; the only NL teams with winning records in interleague play were the Giants, 8-7, and oddly, the Rockies, 11-4. In fact, the NL Central as a whole was horrid vs. the AL, going 31-62, which goes a long way toward explaining why the Central had only two teams with winning records. The 20-43 NL record includes 1-6 vs. the Braves, and 0-7 vs. the Padres.

Wearing home white pinstripes: 24-31
Wearing home blue jerseys: 12-13
Wearing road gray jerseys: 15-34
Wearing road blue jerseys: 15-18

Most of the (relatively) good record wearing blue can be attributed to Carlos Zambrano, who always chooses the blue alternate top. The Cubs were 20-13 in Z's 33 starts. Greg Maddux, who always wears gray on the road, was 4-7 on the road this year. Most of the poor road-gray record is attributable to Mark Prior and Rich Hill, who were both 0-5 in road grays.

Thanks to David Sameshima for compiling the information about the records in the various uniforms.

Ultimately, these splits mean nothing, but they're a bit of offseason fun. We need that.

Twins at Athletics, 3 pm CT. (A's lead series 2-0) TV: ESPN

Yankees at Tigers, 7 pm CT. (Series tied 1-1) TV: ESPN

Man, am I rooting for the Tigers to beat up on Randy Johnson tonight.

Discuss amongst yourselves.