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Open Thread: 2006 Division Series, Day 5

Everyone take a deep breath, OK? The Cubs' managerial search is going to take a while -- maybe even till the end of October. The obvious choice is Joe Girardi, and he may wind up getting the job, but as an employer, wouldn't you expect Jim Hendry to at least do his due diligence?

You could say the Marlins acted quickly, and they did, but Fredi Gonzalez was Larry Beinfest's choice last year, he had been interviewed then, and Beinfest clearly knew what he wanted to do a couple of months ago. It's a different situation.

On to today's games:

The Yankees may have a tremendous hitting lineup -- All-Star in quality at nearly every position, and leading the major leagues in runs scored by a significant margin (930 runs, sixty more than the next team, Cleveland, and more than any NL team).

But in the playoffs, good pitching can shut down good hitting, and the Tigers are now playing like they did in running out to a huge lead by the All-Star break. Detroit did, after all, lead the AL in ERA, and in fewest runs allowed. I don't see Jaret Wright, today's Yankee starter, as the answer -- and with a 4 pm ET start, shadows likely across the infield, it says here the Tigers end the Yankees' season early. That'll make three of the last five years in which the Yankees will have failed to win a postseason series.

In fact, I wouldn't be surprised to see all three remaining series end today.

Padres at Cardinals, noon CT. (Cardinals lead series 2-0) TV: ESPN2

Yankees at Tigers, 3 pm CT. (Tigers lead series 2-1) TV: Fox

Mets at Dodgers, 6:30 pm CT. (Mets lead series 2-0) TV: Fox

Discuss amongst yourselves.