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Open Thread: 2006 Division Series, Day 6

TV executives must be gnashing their teeth at the early departure of the Yankees from the playoffs, while the rest of us rejoice.

I'm sure the Fox execs didn't want the Cardinals and Padres in prime time tonight, but that's what they get -- and will again tomorrow, if San Diego wins to force a game five.

Padres at Cardinals, 7 pm CT. (Cardinals lead series 2-1) TV: Fox

Meanwhile, Joe Girardi confirms that HE is going to set his own timetable for deciding where -- and even WHETHER -- he'll manage next year. Quoting Girardi from Barry Rozner's column:

"I?m in no hurry to make any decision. A couple clubs want to talk to me and I?m very interested, but it?s been all baseball the last 225 days and now I?m just enjoying holding my baby and taking my kids back and forth to school.

"I?ll investigate some of these opportunities, but I?m in no rush to do anything."

Hey, how about those Bears?

Discuss amongst yourselves.