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Yes, Alfonso Soriano Really Is Going To Be A Cub

I don't suppose there's much to say about Soriano that wasn't already said over and over yesterday, but I thought I'd post this thread this morning so that you can continue to weigh in on the signing, especially later on today when it's officially announced and the terms are revealed. I'll add those to this post as an update when that happens.

In the meantime, post away, and a little later this morning I'll continue the top 100 series.

UPDATE [2006-11-20 8:48:46 by Al]: Here's reaction from my SB Nation colleague Basil at the Nats site Federal Baseball.

UPDATE [2006-11-20 16:40:05 by Al]: Here is the official press release -- it appears to be an 8-year deal, no option years, at least none are mentioned. I have to say that makes me a little less happy about this, because the last three years or so of this deal could be a real problem. But if this helps the team win before then, I think I can live with that.