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Jacque Jones To The White Sox?

For those of you who think I don't post enough current information, rumors or analysis -- and you know who you are -- here's something to get your Monday going.

Actually, I'm surprised no one picked up on this yesterday, since it was a tidbit buried in Phil Rogers' Sunday column, in discussing the White Sox' desire to "upgrade" left field from Scott Podsednik's poor 2006:

The Brewers would love to deal Geoff Jenkins, and the Cubs are trying to build a market for Jacque Jones. Either would be a better option in left than going to arbitration to keep Podsednik.

Hmmm! I thought. What if the Cubs offered, say, Jones, Will Ohman and (insert pitching prospect here) for either Freddy Garcia or Javier Vazquez?

Discuss. The Top 100 post will be along in an hour or two.