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2006 SB Nation AL MVP Award

This one will show up a little differently than the previous awards, since for MVP voters vote for the top 10, rather than the top three, and as such, there were 26 players getting votes from first place to 10th (with votes getting 14 points for first place, then 9 through 1 for 2nd through 10th).

As an NL blog, BCB didn't get an AL vote. But, had I had one, I would have voted for the guy who won -- Joe Mauer, who won the first batting title by a catcher since the 1940's, and played excellent defense for a division champion.

Click here for a snazzy .gif image of the final results.

I'm in New York today for a meeting of the Eastern Directors Council of the Directors Guild of America, so I may not be around much today. Just wanted to let you know also that the Cubs Convention sold out in fifteen minutes this morning.