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The Top 100 Cubs Of All Time

About two months ago, I announced a BCB Community Project -- to write short profiles of players in Cub history, which would become BCB's "Top 100 Cubs Of All Time".

Fifteen of you responded and are helping out by writing biographies of these players. A couple of things: first, among the bios I've already received, I am absolutely thrilled by the great research and writing all of you have put into your efforts. I think everyone will enjoy the series, which is going to start in the next day or two and run every day (or mostly every day -- if there's BIG news one day, I may skip a day) until it's just about time for spring training.

FYI, I am writing 22 of these profiles myself and Mike, who does all the great cartoons you see here, is doing 12.

About the list: it's my list. As such, it is VERY subjective, and you may disagree with the rankings I've given certain players, or the fact that I did have to leave some deserving players off the list entirely. I don't think I've forgotten anyone truly important, though. And besides, that'll be part of the fun of reading it -- debating whether or not someone "should have" ranked higher or lower.

I had the list vetted by Mike, who knows a tremendous amount of Cubs history, and also by Ed Hartig, a SABR member and researcher who is also known as the "unofficial" Cubs historian. So, I feel fairly confident that it's a representative list that's about as accurate as it can be, while still subject to my own personal opinions. I will tell you that although I have included the entire history of the NL Cubs, going back to 1876, I have weighted it slightly in favor of more modern players, simply because those are the ones that all of us know better, and you should also know that the rankings take into account ONLY each player's contribution to the Cubs, not his entire career -- so that, for example, someone like Greg Maddux won't rank as high as someone who played his entire career, or the vast majority of his career, with the Cubs, such as Ron Santo or Phil Cavarretta.

Anyway, I intend to start the posts in the next day or two. This is also a reminder to those of you who promised to write profiles -- if you haven't done so yet, I still need quite a few promised ones!