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We're Back Up

As you likely noticed, BCB was down for about eight or nine hours today.

This was due to some bugs which inevitably fly in and buzz around when upgrades are made. That's what our tech gurus were doing last night -- and here's the deal.

They are located on the West Coast, and work late into the night there. Thus, if there's a problem in the early morning in the East or Midwest, where most of us live and wake up, they're likely sleeping, and thus the frantic emails of SB Nation bloggers go unanswered till later.

This isn't to blame anyone, because things like this happen to computers and servers, and I want to say here and now that our web gurus do a fantastic job of keeping over 100 sites up and running the vast majority of the time.

Anyway, welcome back, and I'll get the top 100 post up later in the day.