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Ho Ho Kam Park, At Last, Enters Modern Times

For many years, Ho Ho Kam Park had the worst concessions and souvenirs in the Cactus League. This was due to an onerous 15-year contract the city of Mesa signed with an outfit called Cactus Concessions in the early 1990's. Cactus Concessions didn't seem interested in doing anything but the basics, at far-too-high prices.

That contract expired with the end of 2006 spring training, and the city of Mesa has a new concessionaire. The map below shows new concession and souvenir stands and areas throughout Ho Ho Kam Park that at least appear to be the equal of the best in the Phoenix area, such as Peoria and Tempe.

Incidentally, the "Patterson Cactus Grill" listed has nothing to do with Corey -- it's named for Dwight Patterson, who was one of the leading members of the Ho Ho Kams for many years.

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