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Want To Waste An Evening?

The amazing folks at have done it again.

Now, they have a searchable database of all play-by-play for the last 50 years, courtesy also of the great people who run Retrosheet.

Just for grins, I ran a search for all batters Ken Holtzman had faced 50 or more times in his career. I learned that Joe Torre hit him like a monster: .508/.554/.631 in 65 at-bats, and he did pretty well against Hall of Famer Lou Brock: .250/.269/.329 in 76 at-bats, including 21 strikeouts.

You can slice and dice this any way you want. They're allowing partial access to anyone, and for the first time, opening more data if you subscribe ($29 per year).

Don't blame me if you don't get anything done tonight.