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BCB Hall Of Fame Balloting

I'm going to try this, even though I am not certain that the SB Nation polling structure will allow it (although it's supposed to).

I'm going to post a Hall of Fame poll in the usual poll slot, and when I create it I'll create the option to "allow multiple selections in poll".

There are 32 names on this year's Hall ballot. The BBWAA writers who vote in the official election are allowed to vote for ten. So -- go ahead and make ten selections, and we'll see if it tallies properly. If it doesn't, just vote for the person you MOST want in, and leave your other thoughts here in the comments. I'm listing them in alphabetical order, the same way they're listed on the Hall of Fame's website.

Have at it.

UPDATE [2006-12-19 20:12:53 by Al]: It's not going to allow multiple selections -- so just vote for the one you MOST want, and leave the rest of your choices in the comments.