Trades from 2006-- anything good?

What were the trades from 2006?  Did we get anything to help us in the future or build up our farm?

  1.  Corey Patterson to the Orioles for SS Nate Spears and LHP Carlos Perez.
  2.  Scott Williamson to the Padres for LHP Fabian Jimenez Angulo and RHP Joel Santo.
  3.  Greg Maddux to the Dodgers for Cesar Izturis.
  4.  Freddie Bynum to the Orioles for PTBNL.
  5.  Jon Koronka to the Rangers for Freddie Bynum (from the A's)
I know what Bluemike thinks of Izturis, so you don't need to tell me again :)

Are there any I am missing?  Do any of these make any impact on the future?

One more question to you all... why on earth didn't we trade Juan Pierre at the end of the trade deadline?  The season was way out of hand at that point and a couple of desperate teams who had a small shot at the playoffs may have given us something of value in return.  (Maybe we could have traded him to the Marlins for I don't know, say Sergio Mitre, Ricky Nolasco, and Renyel Pinto).

Thank you in advance for your wisdom.  

P.S. --> a link for you all--

Not to beat a dead horse, but the boy (Rondell) can hit... I do wonder if having him as a "utility" OF would be better than paying big bucks for the oft injured Cliff Floyd.  I do realize he can't field... but neither can Jacque Jones who is being paid over $5 mill/year.  Given our 2006 season, you all really can't say that I was THAT far off in wanting to keep our prospects, and sign for Kenny Lofton in CF and Rondell White in LF.  I mean, we finished in LAST PLACE.  

Please note that, as for the Rondell comments... they are just a sidenote.  The main reason I posted this was for the questions regarding the trades from 2006.

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