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Some News About Randy Johnson

No, he's not coming to the Cubs. Nor do I want a 43-year-old pitcher with back problems whose ERA was 5.00 last year.

The reason I'm posting this is that he's not returning to the Diamondbacks, either, despite rumors to the contrary on my SB Nation sister site AZ Snakepit.

I know this because I have received an email from a correspondent in the Phoenix area who tells me this story of something heard on a Phoenix-area radio talk show yesterday:

... they had a guest on who is the former AG of Arizona.He lives in the same neighborhood as RJ and he knows people that know the Unit & his wife. Some time ago, one of these people gave him an email addy that was purported to be RJs.

Anyway, this guy couldn't sleep early yesterday morning (too much egg nog, I guess) and he went out at 4AM to get the paper and saw the article about RJ possibly coming back to the D'Backs. So, in his early morning haze, he fired up his laptop and sent RJ an email saying "Just do it, Randy. You know you want to come back to Arizona, so forget about all the contract stuff and just do it. You know you will be much happier".

Well, when he sent the email, he was certain it wasn't really Randy's and that it just went off into cyberspace.

But, lo and behold, a short while later he got a response from Johnson. It said:

#1) Who are you?

#2) Where did you hear this?

#3) I am NOT coming back to Arizona

Sounds pretty definitive to me. I think the Yankees are going to be stuck with him.