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Maybe They'll Listen To Us After All

Many here, myself included, have suggested that bringing back Kenny Lofton to play CF as a short-term fix until Felix Pie is ready, would be a good idea.

Phil Rogers states in his column today that the Cubs may be considering this:

Kenny Lofton, who has been with eight teams the last six seasons, could be coming back for a second stint with the Cubs. A major-league source indicated Saturday the Cubs are working to sign him. Lofton is 39 but helped the Dodgers reach the playoffs last year, hitting .301 and stealing 32 bases.

Often, Rogers can be taken with a grain of salt. In this case I hope he's right. I say do it, then trade Jacque Jones and others for pitching. An outfield of Matt Murton in LF, Lofton in CF, and Alfonso Soriano in RF would be more than acceptable.