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2006-07 Offseason Wrigley Field Construction

David, intrepid BCB photographer, decided to stop by the ballpark this morning.

Construction fencing has been put up around the corner at Addison & Sheffield. David thinks this might be the beginning of installation of the brick pavers that you can buy on the Cubs website. However, I remember hearing that the Cubs were considering redoing the facing of the ballpark this winter to remove the ugly 1950's era concrete panels that you see in the first two photos here -- so perhaps that's what is going on also.

In addition, there's work being done on the Waveland side, to the west of the new bleachers.

View of construction fencing at Addison & Sheffield; view inside the construction fencing; view of the field through the "knothole" on Sheffield; work being done on the north wall of the park, west of the bleacher wall on Waveland.

Photos by David Sameshima