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Don't You Just Love Rumors?

Jacque Jones is going somewhere -- anywhere -- according to that Sun-Times article this morning.

Colorado? Maybe, but Bruce Miles says he's not a good fit there. Or, as Miles continues:

The Cubs also may use Jones to lure starting pitcher Jake Westbrook from Cleveland, but the Indians have shown little inclination to move Westbrook, who looks to be a better fit in Wrigley Field than [Ted] Lilly.

And what of Lilly? Paul Sullivan says the Cubs are a "finalist" for him. But, others say Jason Schmidt is a better fit. Which is very likely true. Or, maybe, says Dave van Dyck:

... if they could trade with the White Sox, it should be for Freddy Garcia.

Which I have been advocating for months.

Bruce Miles sums it up:

Cubs general manager Jim Hendry was denying up and down that Lilly was a Cub despite executives from other clubs saying they believed the deal indeed was done.

And, in general, Hendry doesn't like to negotiate through the media.

Back to Jones for a moment, the Sullivan article says the Giants might be interested. That also hints that the Giants might not be bringing Barry Bonds back, as they already have a CF (Dave Roberts) and a RF (Randy Winn). The question is, who would the Giants have to offer the Cubs?

So what we have, essentially, is a ton of speculation and no reality.

There! That ought to give you guys enough to talk about today!