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BCB Free Agent Frenzy Update

Back in October, for the second straight year a number of us at BCB started our own version of's Free Agent Frenzy contest.

Unlike last year, when it took till February to get all 15 of the free agents designated as part of the contest signed, it appears that we are close to determining a winner. Here are the fifteen:

Juan Pierre
Jason Schmidt
Greg Maddux
Ray Durham
Frank Thomas
Daisuke Matsuzaka
Carlos Lee
Nomar Garciaparra
Gary Matthews Jr.
Julio Lugo
Barry Zito
Ted Lilly
Andy Pettitte
Alfonso Soriano
Barry Bonds

With Andy Pettitte's signing today, and assuming that Matsuzaka will in fact sign with the Red Sox before the December 14 deadline, the only one on this list not yet signed is Barry Zito.

We may have a winner soon. If anyone would like to volunteer to total up all the points, I'd appreciate it. FWIW, I won't be close to winning myself -- the only ones I've gotten right so far are Bonds, Pettitte, Soriano and Carlos Lee. If Zito signs with the Mets that'd give me five out of fifteen.

The winner will get something from Al's Big Collection of Baseball Stuff.