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Something I Learned While I Was Looking Up Something Else

This has happened to you, right? You're looking for something and in so doing, you find an interesting piece of information that's completely unrelated.

Here it is. When the Washington Nationals win their sixth game of 2006, that will be Frank Robinson's 1000th career win as a manager.

That's the second-most wins of any manager in history who never visited the postseason. Only Jimmie Dykes, who managed some really bad White Sox, Philadelphia A's, and other teams in the 30's, 40's and 50's, had more (1406 wins).

Robinson, in 15 seasons as a manager, has had six winning seasons (and one at .500, last year). He replaced Cal Ripken Sr. six games into the Baltimore Orioles' amazing 0-21 streak to start the 1988 season, and managed to win a Manager of the Year award the following year when the Orioles briefly contended for a division title and finished 87-75. By 1990 they were back in fifth place, and 37 games into '91 he was fired. He is under .500 with all four teams (Cleveland, San Francisco, Baltimore, Montreal/Washington) that he's managed.

Robinson will not break that streak this year, either. The Nats may be a bit better than they were in 2005, but they won't make the playoffs.

I love this sort of stuff, serendipitous findings of stuff you weren't expecting. What was I looking up? You know, I can't even remember. That's what makes this even more fun.