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Bleacher Reconstruction Update - February 12

I happened to be driving by the ballpark Saturday afternoon about 3:15.

No, really. I was on my way to pick up Mark at a friend's house, and the ballpark just happened to be in between my house and the friend's.

Who do I see standing on the east side of Sheffield, in the snow, with his camera? Why, it was David, intrepid photographer. There was too much traffic to stop and say hi, but he sent me these twelve photos from a snowy Saturday afternoon.

The timeline has also been updated.

Top: top of the new left-center field section; New brick wall being built, on the left field side; New "batter's eye" restaurant area, viewed from Waveland; Left field, looking west.

Middle: New brick wall, in left field; New brick wall, in right field; Right field, view looking south; View of new "batter's eye" restaurant, from Sheffield

Bottom: New "batter's eye" restaurant, viewed from Sheffield; Right field area, between the original stands and the new "bleacher box" section; Closeup of the "knothole" gate, in the right field corner; The "knothole" gate area, in the right field corner

Photos by David Sameshima, taken Saturday, February 11