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And The Replay Showed He Was Out!

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One advantage those of you who watch most Cubs games at home have, to those of us who are at the ballpark most days, is the ability to see multiple replays of close or controversial plays, from multiple angles.

That may be about to change. Tim Hayden, a St. Louis-area sports fanatic, has started a company called VividSky, which, if all goes according to his plan, will allow fans at stadiums to watch replays through a rentable gadget called the SkyBox, which is to be:

a 17-ounce Wi-Fi device and service. The Windows Mobile gizmo, worn around the neck, would give fans at baseball parks, basketball courts and other venues a perspective previously unavailable.

This service and hi-tech toy does not yet exist, but Hayden claims to be in touch with "four" major league baseball teams and may have "trials" in place by the All-Star break.

None of the four teams is named, but I note that on the VividSky website, the stadium photo is of... Wrigley Field.

In theory, you wouldn't even have to rent one of their toys (for $10-$20 per game). For a smaller per-game charge, you could use your own wireless PDA, or perhaps even an Internet-enabled cellphone (though you might have to bring a magnifying glass for the small cellphone screens).

This is something I might consider doing if it became available. It'd be great to sit at the ballpark and have access to the same stuff that people watching at home have.