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Community Projection: Ryan Dempster


There have been some wildly diverging opinions on Dempster from some of you, about whether he can repeat his solid 2005 performance as the Cubs' closer.

For Dempster, as opposed to the starting pitchers we've already projected here, the categories will be a bit different:

G, GF, IP, H, HR, BB, SO, W-L, SV/OPP, ERA, WHIP (optional) -- "GF" is, in case you don't know, "Games Finished". For a closer this number should generally be pretty close to games pitched. Example: Mariano Rivera, generally viewed as the top closer in the majors, had 71 appearances last year, 67 GF; 74 the year before, 69 GF. Dempster had 53 GF in his 57 relief appearances in 2005. "OPP" would be "Save Opportunities"; the difference between the two would be how many blown saves you think Dempster would have.

UPDATE [2006-2-17 8:56:53 by Al]: Final Dempster projection:

G-67; GF-56; IP-76; H-71; HRA-6; BB-40; SO-71; W-3; L-5; SV-33; SV OPP.-41; ERA.-3.68; WHIP-1.47