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The Bleachers As They Used To Be

David sent me some photos taken during the 2005 season, so you can remember the bleachers the way they were for 68 years, from 1937 through 2005.

Looking at these, and knowing what's being built there now, they already seem like ancient history.

Thursday has been a usual day for me to run by the ballpark for photos -- I had to work today, so I may do that later, but right now it's raining pretty hard, with the threat of thunderstorms later this afternoon, followed by snow and wind and cold tonight.

Brrr. Enjoy these summertime photos.

Also today, posted their first power rankings of 2006. The Cubs rank just behind the Astros -- but both rank well behind Milwaukee.

Top: Two views outside Wrigley Field, 7/16/2005; two views of entrance ramps, 7/2/2005

Bottom: Another view of ramp, 7/2/2005; beer shack on ramp, 7/2/2005 (note sign: ATM Machine, which would stand for "Automatic Teller Machine Machine")

Photos by David Sameshima