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Bleacher Reconstruction Update - February 2

Today, I met my friend Ron from LF at the ballpark; we walked around the site together, reminisced a bit, and talked about how things might go once the gates open on April 7.

You know what, it'll be different - there's almost no way it can't be different. But we will adapt, as we adapted to night games.

The timeline has also been updated.

Top: Behind CF, new blocks being delivered; first wall on Waveland side; the restaurant area (still pretty empty); more wall on Waveland side

Middle: Closeup view of work on Waveland wall; workers atop LF bleachers; nearly complete section of wall on Sheffield; top view of same wall from across the street

Bottom: More Sheffield wall construction; underside of walkway behind right-center; welding and other work in RF corner

Photos by Al