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Bleacher Reconstruction Update - February 20

In these photos David took on Sunday afternoon, the biggest difference from my set taken Friday, is the appearance of a "back fence" on the left-field side, which will be behind the last row of seats. There still isn't anything more than a construction "fence" (two wires) on the back of the walkway yet.

This week, I'm not sure when the updates will be taken. On Thursday, my normal photo day, there will be long lines of people around the ballpark waiting for ticket wristbands. So we'll see.

The timeline has also been updated.

Top: looking north on Sheffield; looking east on Waveland; back fence pieces being assembled in LF; more back fence pieces being assembled

Middle: Good view of new wall on Waveland; behind CF, showing elevator shaft; another view of elevator shaft; wider view of CF area showing top of elevator

Bottom: New wall under construction on Sheffield side; underneath RF walkway; the "knothole"; full view of RF structure

Photos by David Sameshima