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Prior Arrangements

This Baseball Prospectus article by Will Carroll has the Cublogosphere in a tizzy today.

I say, relax.

Will Carroll's report is an unattributed, unsubstantiated rumor. And, considering the breathless diaries that have been posted here on this topic, it seems that everyone wants to believe that this is just one more "lie" told by Jim Hendry and the coaching staff.

Ask yourself this: what purpose would that serve? Prior himself has admitted that he had a flu bug over the winter that made him "weak and sick", which is the terminology used by the BP report.

So what? There is absolutely no evidence that he has any physical problems; doing the towel drill, which is a feature of Larry Rothschild's regime, means absolutely nothing.

Getting all excited about this, nine days before the first spring game and twelve or thirteen days before Prior is supposed to make his first Cactus League appearance, is only going to give you unnecessary migraines and stomach trouble.

I say again, relax. Prior wasn't scheduled to throw off a mound for another couple of days, anyway. If that doesn't happen, sure, go ahead and ask more questions. But to throw out accusations that they are "obfuscating" because "ticket sales for single games [are] starting Friday", as Chuck did, to my mind is stirring the pot for no reason other than ... well, there's no reason, actually.

I get made fun of when I say this, but I'm saying it again anyway.