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About Tickets...

... since we are waiting for real baseball news, which likely won't happen till the first game on Thursday (I don't consider hearing about each pitcher's trotting to the mound to throw 30 pitches "news"), let's talk about tickets.

Many of you got tickets on Friday. Many people here (myself included, as you know), have season tickets, some of which they cannot use.

I would like to establish an organized procedure by which BCB readers can:

  • sell extra tickets AT FACE VALUE ONLY -- that would include fees if you've paid them. I cannot emphasize enough that I will NOT be a conduit for above-face value sales. If I see any posted, or hear of any, I will remove those posts;
  • post requests for tickets they want to buy; and
  • post offers to trade tickets.

So, here's how I would like to do this. Each week, starting today, I am going to post a "Ticket Exchange Diary" for that week. Monday seems as good a day as any to do that. I think the best way to do this is to NOT post requests for games that are, say, in July or August, since those games are several months away. Let's try to keep everything within the immediate future.

So for now, I'm going to ask you in this first diary, to post for any spring training tickets, as well as tickets for the first homestand against the Cardinals and Reds (and, if you're looking for tickets for the first games in Cincinnati, that'd be the place to do it as well).

Once you have sold/traded/acquired the tickets you have posted for, I would appreciate it if you would post in the diary that this has happened; that'll stop you from getting email that you don't otherwise want.

Sound good? I'll post the first diary today, and remember if it falls off your front page, you can either adjust the number of diaries displayed, or click on "Recent Diary List" and see more.

Let me know -- in the diary -- if you have any further suggestions to facilitate ticket sales/swaps.