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Community Projection: Aramis Ramirez

photo: univision

From all accounts, Aramis has spent the winter doing exactly what he had to do -- rehabbing his injury and getting into better shape so it wouldn't recur.

He will be 28 in June -- an age at which players often have their best years.

How's he going to do? You tell us. Categories as usual for hitters: AB, R, H, 2B, 3B, HR, RBI, BB, SO, AVG, OBA, SLG (I'm leaving SB/CS out because that's not really part of his game).

UPDATE [2006-2-6 19:12:04 by Al]: Here are Aramis' final projected numbers: AB-541; R-89; H-165; 2B-35; 3B-1; HR-36; RBI-110; BB-49; SO-69; AVG.-.305; OBP.-.363; SLG.-.572