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Only A Chosen Few...

... will be able to take full advantage of this post, but I think the answers will be interesting to everyone.

What's Al talking about, you're asking. He's gone off the deep end, and with only ten days till pitchers & catchers report.

No, I haven't. Here's the deal. This is aimed at the 47 people (as of this writing) who said, in the last poll, that they wouldn't be going to ANY Cub games in 2006.

I want to know why you're not going -- and I'm posting another poll so you can put your reason for not going. Please only vote ONCE in this poll, and please DON'T vote in the poll unless you voted "none" in the last one.

If I haven't put up your specific reason, vote "Something else" and put your reason(s) in the comments here.