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Bleacher Reconstruction Update - February 6

David went by the ballpark on Sunday morning, and these photos do answer at least one of the questions you raised last time -- it does appear that the steel has been painted white, although these photos seem to indicate that the paint job is only as high as the brick wall. Perhaps the rest will be painted white later, after the rest of the job is finished.

The timeline has also been updated.

Top: Looking north on Sheffield; closer view of same showing steel painted white; underneath RF bleachers showing concrete being laid; closeup underneath RF walkway. Note wires coming from underneath walkway for lighting fixtures to be installed.

Middle: RF brick wall, just south of the entrance area; underneath CF; wider view of previous photo; view of entire LF structure

Bottom: Another view underneath CF; RF corner taken from Addison L station

Photos by David Sameshima, taken Sunday, February 5