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Free Agent Frenzy... The Envelope, Please!

It appears that the last of the fifteen free agents who were in MLB's "Free Agent Frenzy" contest have signed -- Bengie Molina is about to sign a one-year deal with Toronto, with an option year.

Back in November, 22 of us made picks, guessing which team we thought each of the fifteen would sign with.

Now that all fifteen have signed, would someone go back and total up the points and let me know who won? The winner will get a prize from Al's Big Collection Of Baseball Stuff.

Here's the Gang of Fifteen and the teams they chose:

A. J. Burnett: Blue Jays
Johnny Damon: Yankees
Kyle Farnsworth: Yankees
Rafael Furcal: Dodgers
Nomar Garciaparra: Dodgers
Brian Giles: Padres
Jacque Jones: Cubs
Paul Konerko: White Sox
Kevin Millwood: Rangers
Bengie Molina: Blue Jays
Matt Morris: Giants
Mike Piazza: Padres
B. J. Ryan: Blue Jays
Billy Wagner: Mets
Preston Wilson: Astros