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Bleacher Reconstruction Update - February 9

It was cold today, unlike the past few times I've been to the ballpark to take photos, today's temperature at photo time was 28 degrees. That's normal for this time of year, but after the mild January, it takes a bit of getting used to!

After this diary and the various articles in the newspapers and online today about the reconstruction (because yesterday was Media Tour Day for the project), I can add this wire service story which doesn't add too much to what we already know, except the fact that the price tag is $13.5 million.

And no, that has nothing to do with player payroll -- that's money that comes out of Tribco's capital expenditure budget. So don't think that could mean $13.5 million more for players.

Incidentally, the Tribune article says there will be far fewer balls for the ballhawks on Sheffield and Waveland. Sorry, Paul Sullivan, but I think you're wrong. Yes, it'll cut down a little -- but remember, many balls that leave the park do so on a high arc that take them far past the sidewalk on the ballpark side. I expect this to continue.

The timeline has also been updated.

Top: Behind CF, where the entrance will be; lifting steel rods off a truck on Sheffield; nearly complete brick section on Sheffield; another section of wall beginning

Middle: workers lifting the steel from photo above onto RF bleachers; closeup of view in previous photo; wider view of wall in photo above; the "knothole

Bottom: RF corner immediately to the left (as viewed from street) of the "knothole"; another view behind CF; the restaurant area; construction of LF bleachers, looking back toward CF & RF

Photos by Al, taken Thursday morning