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Open Thread: Cubs vs. Royals, Saturday 3/11

The Cubs face the weird-look Royals today.

Why 'weird'? What other team, having lost 100+ games three of the last four years, would "rebuild" with guys like Elmer Dessens, Mark Grudzielanek, Doug Mientkiewicz, Mark Redman and Paul Bako? At the very least, they'll keep the companies that supply letters for the back of uniforms busy.

Angel Guzman faces Denny Bautista, weather permitting, and that forecast doesn't look very "permitting" (Showers likely. Chance of thunderstorms through the day. Windy...cooler. Highs 53 to 58).

Courtesy of BCB reader Mike Muegel, who was in Mesa yesterday, we present these photos of Kerry Wood. Mike's comments:

Thought you might like some pics of Kerry Wood throwing catch with Larry R. Friday 3/10 in Mesa. I was probably more focused on taking pics of everyone than inspecting Kerry (we only saw two Cubs games a trip to Phoenix that ended Friday), but I did not see any sign of knee problems.
Wood, for his part, says he feels great:
"[My knee] is a little tight, I've got a little swelling, but other than that, it doesn't bother me to walk," Wood said. "They gave me a cane to walk out of there with, and I didn't use it."
Discuss amongst yourselves.

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