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Open Thread: Cubs vs. Brewers, Sunday 3/12

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photo: AP

This photo is of the field where the Cubs will be playing the Brewers today, Maryvale Baseball Park in Phoenix, taken during yesterday's rain, the first in the Phoenix area since last October 18.

If you live in the Milwaukee area or another part of Wisconsin where you have access to FSN North, you can watch today's game at 2:05 CT; the Brewers' cable flagship is carrying the game.

With yesterday's rainout, there isn't much news except that Bryan Corey and Bobby Brownlie have been reassigned to minor league camp. No surprise on Corey; and Brownlie had thrown well but was caught in a bullpen numbers game. He'll be at Iowa and will likely be the first injury callup.

Greg Maddux faces Chris Capuano today; Capuano had a breakout season in 2005, winning 18 games.

Finally, our friendly rivals over at the Cardinals site Viva El Birdos have a weekend post devoted to their projections of the Cubs' 2006 season. Believe it or not, not only were they nice about it, but their projections for our favorite team were better than some of ours. Worthwhile reading.

Discuss amongst yourselves.