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Bleacher Reconstruction Update - March 13

Three weeks from Friday... this has to be finished, or at least finished enough for people to walk in, sit down, get things to eat and drink... and use the facilities. Looking at photo #7 (third one in the middle), I wonder about the last item in that list.

I'll post a game discussion thread later on today; thought you would enjoy the photos now! Photos taken Sunday morning, March 12.

Top: new stairs, in the LF corner. View looking east, down Waveland; view underneath the new stairs, in the LF corner; view looking east, of the new Waveland exterior. Note part of the original street curb, visible in the lower left corner of the photo; view looking west, of the new Waveland Ave.exterior, toward the new stairs.

Middle: top of the left/center field bleachers. Note the new bleacher extension that rises higher than the level of the new catwalk; another photo for the ballhawks. View from Kenmore; bleacher entrance, viewed from Waveland; bleacher entrance, viewed from across the street.

Bottom: new stairs in the right field corner; view from across the street, of the new stairs, in the right field corner; close-up view of the new stairs, in the right field corner; view of right field, looking north on Sheffield.

Photos by David Sameshima