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Open Thread: Cubs vs. Giants, Friday 3/17

This, for once, is a major-league pitching matchup: Greg Maddux vs. Jason Schmidt. If nothing else, if these starters are ready to go five innings (and they ought to be at this point in the spring), the game will be a quick one.

It will be interesting to see if Barry Bonds plays toay. He didn't yesterday.

The best thing I can say about the US' elimination from the WBC is that Derrek Lee and Michael Barrett will be returning to Cubs camp several days early. It's time, actually -- had the US made the final game Monday night, it might have been next Wednesday till either of them played in a Cub exhibition game. I doubt they'll travel to Tucson for Saturday's game with the White Sox, so look for them to play on Sunday.

That is, if Lee's shoulder is OK. <sigh>

Here is more info on Mark Prior's shoulder strain. There has been a lot of speculation here and elsewhere about what this means, but the fact is -- we will not know until the MRI results are in, sometime over the weekend.

No, it's not good news. But neither will he require surgery -- or so they say.

Discuss amongst yourselves.