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Open Thread: Cubs vs. White Sox, Saturday 3/18

SCOTTSDALE, Arizona -- On the day when the two Chicago baseball teams meet each other for the first time in 2006, it somehow feels appropriate, though sad, to report the passing of legendary DePaul basketball coach Ray Meyer at the age of 92.

Coach Ray (no one in Chicago ever knew him as anything but) had an amazing run as coach; his son Joey, who succeeded him, couldn't live up to the legend. From George Mikan to Mark Aguirre, he coached NBA legends, and made a difference in hundreds of young men's lives. Even in recent years he was active; I used to see him riding around the neighborhood in his blue Cadillac bearing the license plate "DE PAUL".

Rest now, Coach Ray.

I won't travel to Tucson today -- it really does kill the whole day, four-plus hours in the car -- and the game's on WGN (I'd recommend watching with the sound off, as it'll be the Sox announcers); Glendon Rusch faces Javier Vazquez.

Still having trouble downloading the pics from yesterday. Will try again later today.

Discuss amongst yourselves.