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Open Thread: Cubs/Rangers & Cubs/A's, Sunday 3/19

SCOTTSDALE, Arizona -- It's split-squad day; half the squad takes on the Rangers at Mesa, the other half heads to Phoenix Muni to play the A's.

Carlos Zambrano returns today to pitch the Mesa game against Adam Eaton.

I will be heading to Phoenix to see Jerome Williams take on someone we'd all like to see in Cubbie blue... Barry Zito.

Weather permitting, that is. It's been raining here -- hard -- most of the morning. At this writing, 10:20 MT, it has stopped, but more rain is forecast for this afternoon.

Cuba and Japan play tomorrow in the WBC championship game. Well, those aren't the two teams that most people thought would be playing there.

That is, as they say, why they play the games.

Discuss amongst yourselves.