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Open Thread: Cubs vs. Athletics, Thursday, 3/2

The "Stat Corner" on the right sidebar has listed today's game date and time for several months, ever since it was announced.

It's here! Gameday at last!

We'll start slowly, to get ourselves back into the gameday discussion spirit. Once the regular season starts I'll post the starting pitcher boxes again -- but at this point, I don't think there's any real need to dwell on last year's stats, especially since today's starting pitchers are likely to go only two innings.

Who are they? Dan Haren goes for the A's, and Carlos Zambrano for the Cubs.

In other notes today, Dusty Baker says he'd like Michael Barrett and Derrek Lee to be able to play a game or two for the Cubs on off-days for the USA WBC team, since the USA team is based in the Phoenix area. This is a good idea, if it can be logistically worked out. Also, Baker intends to take full advantage of the new rule permitting the DH to be used in any spring game, presuming the opposing team gives permission.

Discuss amongst yourselves.