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Bleacher Reconstruction Update - March 20

SCOTTSDALE, Arizona -- Just because I'm in Arizona, doesn't mean the top-notch BCB Photo Team isn't there documenting the bleacher reconstruction.

David took these photos around noon Saturday, March 18; you can see that things are getting close to completion. They're going to have to be -- the place opens for business in 18 days!

I'll post a game thread later today.

Top: view of the new stairs, in the far left field corner. Note the brick wall being built, to enclose the base of the stairs; update for the ballhawks. View from the center of Kenmore; top of the new left field bleachers. Note the opening for the aisle, on the left side of this photo; Vaveland Ave. side, below the left field bleachers, looking west. Note the new sidewalk.

Middle: Waveland Ave. view of the left field bleachers, looking east; bleacher entrance area, viewed from Waveland, looking south; Sheffield Ave side view of the emergency exit/employee access stairwell, in right field; empty dumpster being dropped off on Sheffield Ave.

Bottom: view of the gap between the new bleacher box seating area, and the main bleacher seating section; view of the knothole area, on Sheffield; view of the right field bleachers, from across Sheffield, looking north; another view looking north, on Sheffield.

Photos by David Sameshima