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Open Thread: Cubs vs. Padres, Wednesday 3/22

SCOTTSDALE, Arizona -- I was hanging out at the pool this morning when Brian called. He said, "I'm on your street but I can't find your place!"

I walked out of the pool and he was walking up the street. He's here for a week, and so are his dad and his two brothers, and I'll see them tonight at the game... when I'll be bringing Rachel & her friend. That ought to be interesting.

With Greg Maddux throwing, and possibly going at least five, maybe six innings tonight, the game has a shot at being a quick one, anyway. He'll face Woody Williams.

Finally, please, please give up the Soriano talk. He would hurt the Cubs defensively, be an attitude problem, and anyway, he's finally agreed to play left field. Guess he realized he might be costing himself $10 million. Wouldn't you do whatever your manager at work asked you to for $10 million?

Discuss amongst yourselves.